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2018-8-22 Experimental animal center is established, and will be officially operated soon.
2018-8-1 AU has research cooperation with clinical physicians from Cheng-Ching Hospital, Da-Li Jen-Ai Hospital and Chia-Yi Christian Hospital since August 2018.
2018-7-1 Asia University (AU) has international research cooperation with Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia since July, 2018.
2018-3-1 AU hosted a workshop for research teams from both AU and Universitas Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta, Indonesia in March, 2018.
2017-12-1 The 19th IEEE international Symposium on multimedia(IEEE ISM 2017) was grandly held at Asia University and Splendor Hotels on 12/11-13.
2017-11-1 13th QS-APPLE was grandly held at Asia University and Splendor Hotels on 11/22-24.
2017-10-1 2017 Master Forum, 2016 Nobel Laureate in Economics Oliver Hart.
2017-04-29 Asia University Is Ranked as a Top-200 Young University globally by the 2017 THE Report
2017-3-22 The First IEEE International Conference on Robotic Computing
2017-02-10 Asia University with Advancing Academic Stature Is Ranked in the List of 251-300 in 2015-2016 QS Ranking of Best Universities in Asia.
2016-12-26 In 2015, Asia University’s “Center for General Education,” “College of Medical and Health Science,” “College of Management,” “College of Humanities and Social Sciences,” and “College of Creative Design” Are Given “Accredited” from Higher Education Evaluation and Accreditation Council of Taiwan.
2016-06-08 Prof. Hou from AU Participates the Intl. Exhibition of “Women’s Eyes-Women x Design x Society.”
2016-03-18 Cross-School Research Alliance between Asia University System and China Medical University